Heatherdene Hideaway

Field Safety Information

The dog walking field at Heatherdene Hideaway has natural jeopardies such as uneven ground, rabbit & other animal burrows, sharp thorns and other potential hazards that may be associated with an agricultural area. Whilst all efforts are made to ensure dog walking is as safe as possible please note that care should be taken at all times to ensure the well-being of dogs and owners alike. Should you ‘spot’ a potential hazard please do not hesitate to bring it to our attention, we are just a phone call / text or an email away!

The field is completely secured with 6ft high mesh fencing so you can walk your dog in the knowledge that the whole area is as secure as it possibly can be. Please note that rabbits and other animals can and do burrow holes so please let us know if you notice an area that could possibly need our attention.

On arrival at Heathedene Hideaway please park in the designated parking area (fully signed) and be aware that until you access the ‘secure’ field via the coded gate, dogs should be kept on leads for everyone’s safety.

The entrance to the dog walking area is accessed via a coded gate and should always be closed once you are in the field. Should anyone else attempt to access the field during your allotted session please call us straight away so we can resolve the issue as quickly as possible. This, we may add, is highly unlikely to occur due to the sophisticated booking system in operation. During these unprecedented times please ensure you use hand sanitiser or similar once you have touched the gates etc.

We respectfully ask that all owners / handlers ‘pick up’ after their dogs and please be aware that the area is monitored on a regular basis and anyone found leaving dog mess and any litter etc will be banned from using the field in future. There are bins provided for dog mess litter near the gate.

We ask that all owners and walkers using the area ensure that their dogs have been immunised / wormed / flea treated. Please DO NOT bring your dog for a walk if they are unwell. ALL DOGS should be microchipped in line with statutory regulations.

As the field doesn’t have a water connection, we will provide containers of fresh water but ask that you bring your own bowls.